Strange!!! A river In China Town Wenzhou Turns Bloody River(photos)

Mysterious things are happening all around us. A city woke up to find its river running blood red and nobody can quite explain it.
According to locals in the area, the water was normal as at 4am, but by the time it was 6am, the water had turned a frightening shade of red. An elderly resident who has lived by the river all his life says it has never happened before. 

Industrial contamination has been ruled out because there are no chemical plants along it length. Now environment protection officials in the Chinese city of Wenzhou are taking water samples to find out what is going on. Wenzhou is a well-known town in East China’s Zhejiang Province. The place is surrounded by mountains on three sides with the front of the city facing the Pacific ocean. 

The phenomenon echoes a similar incident in 2012 when the Yangtze River in China also changed colour. Officials claimed the blood-red waters were a result of sand distribution due to upstream flooding but sceptics were not convinced and social media sites were full of bizarre theories including one that it was the start of The Apocalypse.

Source: Abegmusic News

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