Snow Tha Product Ft DRAM – Myself

Snow Tha Product has been grinding for years but in 2017, it seemed as if we didn’t hear much from her in comparison to the past. She released a handful of video but unfortunately, none of them stuck they way they should’ve. However, she made a strong return this year. At the top of March, she tapped OT Genesis for her single, “Help A Bitch Out” and released a music video for the single a few weeks later. Today, she comes through with another dope single featuring none other than Big Baby DRAM. Snow Tha Product connects with DRAM on her latest single, “Myself.” Unlike her collaboration with OT Genesis on “Help A Bitch Out,” this one is much more poppy especially with DRAM on the hook. Considering that she’s tapped two relatively prominent names for her last two singles, there’s a good chance we’ll be getting a new project from her in the near future.


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