Read why LA Reid yet to bail out their artist, Bobby Shmurda

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Rapper Bobby Shmurda has been in prison since December 2014 after failing to post $2 million bail on multiple drug and gun charges. LA Reid, who is the CEO of Epic records where Bobby was signed to before his travails, explains why they haven’t bailed out their artist.

Asked about criticism for leaving Bobby locked up LA Reid tells Rap Radar,

“…It’s not the industry that it once was. We seriously don’t make the money we used to make. That’s a fact of life, right? “Bobby Shmurda is not the same as Snoop Dogg and Murder Was The Case, who’s coming off The Chronic and his first album. It’s a different era, ya know? And, we’re a publicly held corporation. We just aren’t in the same position we were in back in those days. So, it’s a different day.”

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7 years ago

Hmmmmmm #plsFreeBS