Quavo Teases Takeoff Album Before January, Addresses “Rude” Joe Budden

Quavo Teases Takeoff Album Before January, Addresses “Rude” Joe Budden

Quavo opens up about Takeoff, Joe Budden, Madonna, and more.

For more, check out the full interview below.

In the wake of dropping Quavo Huncho, the Migos defacto leader has sat down with REAL 92.3 L.A for an interview. From the sound of it, Quavo is looking to once again put Migos at the forefront of the game. We’ve already heard reports that Culture III is rounding out the trilogy in early 2019, likely following in the footsteps of its predecessor – at least, where release dates are concerned. In the meantime, however, fans have been desperate for any shred of info regarding Takeoff’s upcoming solo album. Luckily, they won’t have to wait much longer for that. “Takeoff and Offset coming right after me, they ready,” says Quavo. “They coming before January.”Of course, Quavo also addresses his old sparring partner, the State Of The Culture host Joe Budden. “If a n***a” hatin’ call him Joe Budden,” rapped Quavo, in what feels like a millennium ago. In that regard, should Quavo really be surprised when Joe Budden chimes in with his opinion? Apparently not, as Huncho has once again taken issue with some of Budden’s commentary, which pertained to Offset’s wife Cardi B. “There’s a problem with the things he say. We’re grown, and we don’t like when people say rude things about us. Period,” says Quavo. “We don’t go for that. And he said rude things about my man’s wife, and he said rude things about us. We don’t like that.” For the record, Budden claimed his comments vis-a-vis Cardi stemmed from a place of respect.Quavo also addresses a recent controversy, in which Lil Peep’s circle took offense to his lyrics on “Big Bro.” Quavo ultimately came forward to reveal the true inspiration for his anti-drug message, which came about after losing his friend and barber of ten years. “I lost my barber to [fentanyl],” explains Quavo. “He’s been cutting my hair ever since my homecoming dance, you know what I’m saying? I was just trying to relay that message to the world. It was not at all to Lil Peep. I never met him and I wouldn’t even say nobody’s name that’s not here on this earth.”


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