Pollari Ft Lil Yachty – Diamonds

Pollàri recently released a mixtape — OFFWITHHISHEAD — produced by none other than superstar beatmaker Metro Boomin. The popular Soundcloud rapper is back at it again with “Diamonds,” a collaboration with Lil Yachty.Produced by Danny Wolf and David Morse, “Diamonds” is a track that’s all about flexing. Lil Yachty sings a fresh hook on the synth-heavy song. Pollàri then jumps on it with aplomb, spitting that his “diamonds Poseidon.” His conspicuous use of Auto-Tune flows well with the electronic beat.Yet, this track belongs to King Boat. He starts it and brings it home, reminding dudes why he “made it so fast.” Sky’s the limit at this point for the Teenage Emotions emcee


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