Mention That One Popular Song From 2021 That You Did Not Like — Mine Is “Bounce” By Ruger

It’s quite normal for someone to, for whatever reasons, not like songs that other people like.

Music taste is subjective at best, and there’s no law that says you gotta feel something because other people are feeling it. More often than not, the only reason some people like some songs is because they’ve seen or heard that so many other likes them.

Last year, there were a lot of popular songs and due to the rise of social media and streaming, so many songs just become viral without any precedent.

Look at “Zazoo,” for instance. Everybody that liked that song got to hear it after the whole Olamide thing. It wasn’t because you liked the slang or anything. But some people still don’t like it, and that’s okay because not everyone will like it.

Anyway, of all the songs that dropped in 2021 that became popular, which one didn’t you like? Mind you, not liking the song doesn’t mean you think it’s a bad song o.

Mine is “Bounce” by Ruger. I don’t really know why I don’t, but everyone else seems to.

So, tell us.

Mention That One Popular Song From 2021 That You Did Not Like?

Let’s hear from you.

Drop a comment.

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2 years ago

Medicine by Jaywillz

2 years ago

Ladipoe ft buju – feelings