MATURED MINDS!! Hookup Or Girlfriend – Which One Is The Better Option?

Hello Guys,

Lets rub minds on this serious topic.

Please note if you are under 18, Stop Reading Now!

I was arguing with a friend earlier today who told me its better for a guy to do hookup(s) instead of having girlfriend(s).

He said its cheaper and straight to the point unlike a GF who might not be in the mood and also demand for money everytime??

Do you agree with him too?

Me i don’t. I hate hookups cause i always feel like its cheating. You wont last for 10 minutes and one girl will want collect N20,000 for your hand?? 😲😲😲

What about the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases??

Its better in my opinion to have a girlfriend. S*x is even better and sweeter when you are knacking someone you love 🥰🥰

I might be wrong though…

Guys 👇

Hookup Or Girlfriend – Which One Is The Better Option?

Lets hear from you all

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