Fall Out Boy – Champion Remix Ft RM

Champion” was originally released as a single in June off of Fall Out Boy’s Mania album, and was co-written by the band and Sia. Compared with the original soaring pop rock track, the remix offers up a grittier, hip-hop vibe thanks to a mellow tonal shift and RM’s evocative raps about the hardships of life. Like the original, the remix contains an inspirational.

Released at midnight (December 15), the “Champion” remix — which features the K-Pop supergroup’s RM — takes the track’s pop rock origins and gets them good and dirty.Ain’t gotta be somebody, be anybody Rather be anybody than live in a dead body,” RM spits at the top off the track, originally co-penned by Sia. And it’s no wonder Fall Out Boy’s forthcoming album is called Mania: the remix proceeds into deliciously dark verses that are frantic and as baleful as the Cheshire Cat.

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