Ebhoni – Let It Out Ft. Indica


R&B futurists Ebhoni and Indica team on maximal slow jam “Let It Out.” Toronto and L.A. aren’t the closest of places, but thankfully SoundCloud is a small world. Ebhoni and Indica defy borders of both region and genre on their new collaboration, delivering a futuristic duet that includes elements of R&B, rap, and electronic music. Ebhoni, the Canadian faction of the duo contorts her very strong voice with effects and harmonies, gradually building a robot choir before handing things off to Indica, who takes a more rap-oriented approach, keeping his melodies subtle but sweet.

Ebhoni’s continues to choose collaborators who both compliment and challenge her. Listen to her recent release “nastyboy,” a surreal ballad that found her working with New Zealand’s POLO.


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