DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Mariah Carey Ft. YG – I Don’t

After a disastrous New Years Eve performance, which she played off like the queen she is, Mariah Carey needed a big single to get back on track. Little did we know she’d team up with California’s best gangsta rapper in YG. And little did we know they would knock out such a sizzling collab. Arriving earlier today, “I Don’t” is a nostalgic slow jam that sinks in like good Cognac. Ms. Carey and YG have great chemistry, despite this being a breakup song. Hours later, they’ve shared the “I Don’t” video, and it’s similarly immaculate.

Carey takes off her wedding dress and spends much of the video singing in a bustier in the backseat of a Rolls Royce. She’s without a doubt the hottest 46-year-old on the planet. As for YG, his appearance here is reminiscent of when 2Pac would dabble in designer — meaning he’s looking like a fashion icon in the making.


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