Biggie Originally Wanted Nas to Get On a “Gimme the Loot” Remix


DJ Khaled has lowkey been getting some of the best interviews in rap with his new We The Best Beats 1 radio show, and earlier this month he interviewed Nas for the second episode. Now the full video of the interview is available above as Esco talks about the controversy surrounding “Hate Me Now,” being in the studio with Biggie, and whether he’s been working on any new music.

“Yeah, makin’ new records,” Nas says about that last part. “For awhile, just trying to feel the inspiration. One month I know what I’m doing, the next month I’m starting all over again. So it’s a lot of that.”
But elsewhere in the interview, Nas gets into how Biggie originally wanted him on a remix to “Gimme The Loot.” The two were smoking some “chocolate,” and the way Esco tells it, he just didn’t write anything for the song. He asked Biggie if he had anything, and Big just started spitting without writing anything down. After that, Nas went right to Hot 97 to tell that story because rumors were spreading about Biggie not writing his lyrics down at the time.
This is especially interesting because later on in their careers, tension would arise between the two New York MCs. In ’94 Nas dropped Illmatic and later that year Biggie dropped his debut album Ready to Die. Both featured babies on the cover, and Raekwon would later famously call Big out for “biting Nas shit” on his Purple Tape in ’95.
In addition, Nas says his favorite collaboration of all time is “Fast Life” with Kool G Rap. He also names his favorite all-time non-rap albums (A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder and Kind of Blue by Miles Davis) as well as his favorite rap albums: Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full, Criminal Minded by BDP, Bigger and Deffer by LL Cool J, Wanted: Dead or Alive by Kool G Rap, Long Live the Kane by BDK, Slick Rick’s Great Adventures of Slick Rick, Death Certificate by Ice Cube, Mr. Scarface is Back by Scarface, and Tribe’s Instinctive Travels.
Esco gives props a couple other artists doing it right now too. “Future is innovative with his music. Everybody’s in the club, it’s undeniable. His fans, it’s an undeniable movement. I saw him come from starting something and then a lotta people [did] something that sounded identical to him. So for him to step back and come back stronger than before, that’s some staying power. He’s proving a lot to the game.
“On the other side of it, you got J. Cole, you got Kendrick, you got Drizzy. Those are like the ones right there. You got Meek Mills of course, reppin’ the streets which is needed. You got Chance The Rapper. Chance is noticing what he’s doing. I like him. And Yo Gotti.”
Nas goes on to five props to his artist on Mass Appeal, Dave East. Watch the whole interview above to hear how they met and a whole lot more from Escobar.

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