ADVICE!!! I Borrowed My Crush N50k & Now I Am Broke – How Do I Ask Her For My Money Back?

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Hello Guys,

There is this girl i was toasting one time and she kept telling me no & no & no and i got tired after a while..

One friday recently, she sent a text to my whatsapp begging me to loan her 50k to buy provisions for school resumption and she will give me back once her dad sends the money later that night.

She sent nothing. Its more than 2 weeks now, she keeps saying her dad has not sent it.

The problem now is i am very broke. They have not paid salary at work and i have no dime to manage but i am shy to ask her for money.

I dont want to fall hand asking her for 50k that is not really big money. Infact i dont know how to say i want it back cause i still want to f*** her.

Guys in the house 👇

How Do I Ask For My 50k From The Girl I Borrowed?

Please Help Me

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