$9 Million And Up: 10 Rapper Mansions You Need To See

$9 Million And Up: 10 Rapper Mansions You Need To See

Rap music glorifies the lifestyle of spending big and having expensive taste.  Rappers require the finest clothing, the best cars and of course the most lavish living quarters available. Their homes represent status, letting the world know about their level of success.

There are many millionaire rappers but only 10 of their homes could make it onto this list. These mansions have all of the elements you would expect to encounter in a house with a price tag of several million dollars, but there are certain additions that make these compounds unique for each of the artists involved.

It is interesting to note that there are some wealthier rappers that are not on this list. Eminem for example is reportedly worth more than $140 million, but his main residence did not make the cut.  No matter how great the rapper, our focus here is strictly on their homes. Here are the 10 rapper mansions you must see.

10) Drake: $9 million


When this Canadian Artist decided to leave the cold weather of Toronto behind and move to California he did so in style. The price tag for this incredible set up in Hidden Hills California was $9 million.


The 12,500 square foot house comes with a 24 seat screening room, a pool complete with grotto and waterfall oasis, a tennis court, a volleyball court, 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. If that was not enough to make you wish it was yours, Drake also has a mechanical bull and an 80 foot water-slide. There is no end to the potential fun!

9) Kanye West: $11 million


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the biggest celebrity couples right now. With a baby on the way the couple decided to buy a new house prior to the big arrival. They managed to secure a quaint 10,000 square feet Bel-Air Home.


The mansion was renovated prior to their arrival and now includes a complete gym, movie theatre and nursery. Another addition to the home, of this impeccably styled couple in a full hair and beauty salon included in the upgrades. Now they can be sure to always look their best when they step out the door. Surprising what $11 million dollars can get you.

8) Diddy: $13 million


A true pioneer of marketing himself through his rap Diddy lives in a remarkable mansion in New Jersey. The immense property in over 3 acres in size, comes complete with a swimming pool, tennis court and a putting green. The house has 17,000 square feet of living space , with seven bedrooms and 9 and a half bathrooms.


If you happen to be looking for a home in Jersey of this proportion that also has a six-car garage and a squash court, besides all the other listed items, this may be the right one for you. It was on the market for $13 million, but is said to have been reduced recently to make it more affordable.

7) Lil Wayne: $13 million


Lil Wayne has a long history in rap music having written his first rap song at the age of 8. Performing since he was 14 and attaining worldwide success has allowed him to buy a $14 million mansion on a private island in the Miami area. This 15,00 square foot mansion sits on three levels and has an absolutely stunning exterior.


The kicker to this mansion is the skate park built on the roof, why not enjoy and extreme sport while three storeys up. Sadly, Lil Wayne’s recent financial woes have forced him to put the property on the market, for about $1 million less that what he paid. Apparently the $13 million dollar price will ensure a quick sale!

6) Birdman: $14.5 million


Birdman is a rapper/ co-founder of Cash Money Records also calls an island in Miami home. His Palm Island mansion is 19,000 square feet of elegance.


This $14.5 million home has 9 bedrooms has a private dock with ocean access, an elevator and a below ground pool. One strange fact about this abode is its ridiculous amount of bathrooms. There are seventeen bathrooms in the house. Meaning you are never too far from relief, even if you have to go real bad!

5) 50 Cent: $14.5 million


50 Cent has one of the greatest rags to riches stories going. From the streets of New York, where he survived as a drug dealer, to a rap entrepreneur worth over $200 million he deserves the spoils that come with the struggle. His 50,000 square feet house in Connecticut is just that. This humungous compound has 52 rooms and 17 acres of land. There is even a helicopter pad for friends who want to drop in.


There is also an indoor pool, a gym, a racquetball court and a private nightclub that can cater to 50 guests. This $14.5 million property is also on the market, but proving to be a difficult sale. The price has been reduced several times, but remains on the market.

4) Dr. Dre: $15.4 million 


Dr. Dre’s house is a modest 10,000 square feet house built in 2001 in the Bird Street area of the Hollywood Hills. In a gated community and sitting on a cul-de-sac, this 5 bedroom, 8 bathroom gem has incredible views of the city.


There is a very quiet backyard that contains a giant greenhouse. If this was not enough there is also a garden room, where one can sit and contemplate nature while at the large bar found inside. The $15.4 million price tag is surely a fair price for this centrally located gem.

3) Pharrell Williams: $16.8 million


This is a first on the list as it is not an extensive mansion but rather a penthouse. Williams, a self proclaimed, Kidult has a gorgeous 3 floor, 9,000 square feet unit in Miami. Despite in being in a high-rise, the house comes complete with a 4 car garage.


Since it is in an apartment, it has many community features like a swimming pool, library and doorman. Living in the penthouse however also offers a private pool, and a large outdoor entertaining space. The cost for a 40th floor, ocean view penthouse $16.8 million.

2) Will Smith: $42 million +


Many people would not put Will Smith on this list. A lot of his fans are completely oblivious to the fact that he began his career as a rapper, lamenting the fact that parents just don’t understand and that girls are nothing but trouble. To others he will remain the Fresh Prince and thus makes the list. Smith shares his Calabasas mansion with his wife and three children. The 25,000 square feet home was custom made incorporating many organic themes.


The house is actually built in a circular pattern and contains inspiration from all over the world. The home features a meditation room, recording studio, artificial lake , tennis and basket ball courts. The house took seven years to build and many features had to be crafted by hand. There were rumours that the property was to be placed on the market for $42 million but this report has been denied by Smith and wife Jada Pinkett.

1) Jay Z: $45 million

Cher owns this magnificent Mediterranean inspired Malibu home

Jay Z and Beyonce paid $45 million for 13,000 square feet of living space in Malibu. The Italian Renaissance inspired home has stone floors and walls. The complex includes seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a theatre, tennis court pool and a gym. The house leaves plenty of room for the family to grow if they so choose.


The power couple bought the house from Cher who had placed the mansion on the market in 2008 without any success. The property, which includes a guest house, is a stone’s throw away from the beach, perfect for Blue Ivy to build sandcastles.






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